I’m a free-speech champion. I don’t even know what that means anymore.


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My absolute belief in “free speech” was predicated on some pretty clear assumptions about how free speech was supposed to work in the United States. Those assumptions, unfortunately, no longer apply.

We can no longer assume there is a proverbial public square where citizens debate, perhaps even angrily, the issues that confront them. We can no longer assume that information dreck gets filtered by editors, or by publishers, or by readers themselves. We can no longer assume that the people who reach us with their messages are somewhat vetted, and speaking from truth or facts.

We can no longer assume that any part of the marketplace is frankly working at all.

That’s what makes this era so challenging for those of us who rely every day on the right to free speech in our work and in our lives. Without those underlying assumptions, the right to free speech isn’t the bastion of human progressivism and rationality that we expect it to be. Our information commons won’t ensure that the best and highest-quality ideas are going to rise to the top and propel our collective discussion.

I truly believe in free speech in its extensive, American sense. So do many friends who are similarly concerned for the perilous state of our marketplace of ideas. Yet, we all need to confront the reality that is before us: The system is really, truly broken, and just screaming “Free Speech!” is not going to change that.



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I hate to break it to the article's author, but he's not the free-speech champion he thinks he is. His squish is exactly big enough to drive what Big Tech has recently done straight on through.

In fact, he advocates for - in many critical respects - exactly what Big Tech has just done.

We either have free speech. Or we don't. His appeal to "Supreme Court precedent" as to acceptable limits to "free speech" is weak sauce. He's hiding behind an "appeal to authority."

This ain't an easy issue. I get it. But his essay is not really helpful.

Good find, though. B/C while I'm shooting the message, I ain't gonna shoot the messager!

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Anybody want to bet that guy voted for Biden?

There are a lot of Biden voters who will be shaking in fear of what is happening to our country before this 4 years are up.

Don't forgive them they knew not what they did, but they did it anyway.
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