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Not only did the Ephraimites not show up to help the people of Gilead in battle against the Ammonites when they were beckoned by Jepthah, but they had the audacity to show up after Gilead had won. Like, they didn't think Gilead was going to win or something. But seeing that he did, they probably realized they lost their share of the spoils. So it seemed like they got "fake made" and decided to wage a war on Jepthah as well. They threatened to burn down his dwelling with him in it.

Well Jepthah wasn't having any of that. They threatened and He was going to treat it as if they were serious. Of course he won. And thenJepthah reached the shallow part of the river where the fugitives would try and flee, and he asked them if they were an Ephraimite, once they caught them. Of course they said "no." I mean like what were they going to say? Well, they had speech impediment that Jepthah knew about. They couldn't say "Shibboleth" instead they would say "Sibboleth." This impediment was exclusive only to Ephraimites. Once they said "Sibboleth," they gave themselves away, and thus were killed. The number of Ephraimites who died were 42,000. ( It is a short story in Judges 12:1-6)

This story is a lesson in discernment. There are so many things in our lives, today, that are possibly a matter of life and death that require discernment. Sometimes there is a fine line between the good and bad, and we need discernment, just so we can make the right decisions. There are times we may find rhe pros and cons too close to call. Or still yet, there are times when the difference between the truth and the lies is muddled. Discernment is a gift of the Holy Spirit. It can help us identify what is of God, and what is not. It also lis a tool for guidance for the ordinary Christian. All we have to do is ask for this gift, and God is faithful to give it.

Decisions aren't always easy. Many aren't, in fact. Sometimes there are hard calls that need to be made. That is why it is so important that we have this gift, and use it.

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Love the story... thanks....

I think we all know when we're doing what's right. Sometimes we choose the wrong way because it's easier. Truthfully, though, we all have to admit we've had that shiver of regret right out of the gate when we have chosen the wrong path. Some call it excitement.... I call it a warning.

When I was growing up... I was always a head taller then all the kids in the neighborhood. I was that freckle faced girl with the dark red braids who could bonk the bully on the head. I was that know it all holier than thou kid. Believe me.... from that altitude I can spot bullies and liars a mile away. Some are in my family.... they were harder for me to spot because I didn't want to.... but they finally got found out.

My point is... I know what bullying looks like. I know what kindness looks like too. I've been victimized while being kind.... it's part of the experience.... but being kind is always the way to go. I'm a Christian.... being kind is what I'm supposed to do. Knowing that.... I can feel it in my bones when I'm going the wrong way.... that's not instinct or discernment.... that's the Advocate who is always there for a Christian.

Have you had anyone tell you that we shouldn't be reading the Old Testament? I have. I've been told the Old Testament doesn't count and only the New Testament matters. Is that discernment? I don't think so..... the Old Testament has way better stories.