"I found a suppository in my ear....


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...guess I know where my hearing aid probably is..."

“You can’t not mention that this guy Julian Assange is out of the Ecuadorian embassy. What’s your feeling about that?” Stiller asked.
“About what?” Bill asked, putting his hand up to his ear.
“About Julian Assange,” Hillary said, looking at her husband.
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Two questions. First one: politically snarky. Second one: not politically snarky.

1 - What's the deal with Ben Stiller being the moderator? FOB and/or FOH (Friend of Bill/Hillary)?

2 - What's wrong with Bill? Clearly, some sort of illness/disease process. He's only 72, for goodness sake. But looks 90. (Like I said, do not misunderstand this as a politically-motivated question; it's a medical one.)

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