I like interactive rambling stories that make no sense.... very Bidenesque.....add your thoughts...


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Karine Jean Pierre, Joe Biden and Amy Schneider are driving through Portland Oregon to a Mensa Society Convention. Turning the corner at an intersection, they are confronted by an angry crowd of protesters carrying rainbow collation flags, a BLM banner and Pro-Life Catholic Priests.

The Prius stalls and won't start.....
Scheider says "I don't think we're in Jeopardy" Biden says "wait I'm Beau's dad from Scranton and I'm running for Senate, grumple good murfmuddle jibber jabber.... PUDDING!" Pierre says "its clearly Putins fault" Pete Booty-Gigger arrives in time to breast feed the Prius.


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....reeeking of Night Train, wearing a 1970's army field coat, unshaven Brian Williams stumbles out from behind an abandoned, burnt Waxie Maxie record store, rambling incoherently about Richard Nixon and Buddy Rich.....his greasy hair hanging from his Panama Hat...

Luna Moon, his girlfriend, tells him he's okay and will return to CNN soon. His "ridin' with Biden" button glistens in the sunlight...


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Joe bangs his head on the dashboard. He says 3 times, there's no place like home. He wakes up in the white house. His noggin is heavily bandaged. He gets attended to by hillary & nancy. Suddenly schiff, schumer, mad max waters & Roy Hinkley appear in the window. Joe thinks he's in either Delaware or NEPA.

Sipping water suddenly causes joe to choke. He spits the water out and the wet spray covers both hilldawg & the drunk. Both gals melt away. Joe looks towards maxine. Joe tells her "I'll get you, my pretty". She replies, "Like hell you will creepy stoopit cracka mofo little girl sniffing segregationists dumbazz". Joe tells her "Stupid is as stupid does".

Noisy flatulence is now hear emanating from under Joe's covers. At first everyone fakes like they didn't hear it. It was so loud, the duchess of Windsor probably heard it. As the pungent aroma arrives at their nostrils, the gathered crowd being to squint and make unpleasant facial expressions. A few make a feeble attempt the divert the acrid fragrance by waving their hands in front of their noses. The Easter bunny appears and shoos the gathered crowd away. Then EB walks joe to the potty. The camera zooms in and joe is wearing bright red slippers. While he shuffles along, a large sack filled with Ukranian money falls to the floor. On the sack is hand written the words BIG GUY with a picture of a smiley face. The smiley face is clutching a crack pipe between it's teeth.

While many have speculated otherwise, this event was not filmed by Dinesh D'sousa. This is part of barry & the mooches Netflix reality series from their higher grounds production company. Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. Just like the fiction of the 2020 presidential election results.
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shifting the Paradym, in the final analysis, at the end of the day, we are being ruled by these folks....

the joke is on us.