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So, on my main car forum, I posted that I both love and hate the Google autonomous car guy, as shown below...

YouTube - Sebastian Thrun: Google's driverless car

For those unaware, Google made autonomous cars, and set them loose with drivers in the seat, but not doing anything. Racked up over 140,000 miles, accident free, in such varied conditions as the 101 highway from SF to LA, even Lombard street. Highways, cities, and sort of mix any human racking those sorts of miles might encounter. Damn things even can do a decent autocross.

For that accomplishment, I love this guy. An amazing technical feat. :buddies:

However, I hate this guy also. He wants my steering wheel, and he'll have to pry it from my colds dead fingers:dead:

So, anyway, I posted that, and the very first response was this......which I didn't even know existed:)

YouTube - michael c. hall - dodge charger commercial 2011 (leader of the human resistance)

come and get it HAL........:war:

Michael Delaney

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Interesting. Neat to see the car running an autocross.
It will be neat to see if a pilotless F1 car can beat a piloted F1 car someday.

All I could think of was Terminator and The Matrix while that guy was talking. :killingme


Power with Control
Stands to reason, since electronics are not distracted by silly stuff like G-forces, and measure stuff faster than the the speed of meat.