I Love These Old Japanese ScFi Movies


Just sneakin' around....
"Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla"

'space titanium'

"Reach for the sky!!! And make it quick!!"



Just sneakin' around....
I watched Ultraman in the 1970's
I think I have a copy of that.

No... it's StarMan.


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Ad Free Experience
Marine Boy
Speed Racer
Space 1999
Star Trek

Was Marine Boy the one that chewed a piece of gum so he could breathe under water? I bugged Mommy Dearest relentlessly for a pack of Dentine. Watched that and Speed Racer religiously along with Our Gang/Lil Rascals whenever they were on.


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I also really like these films. This is a great classic of Japanese cinema. I really like Japanese cinema in general. There is something unusual and fascinating in it. However, this is not the only genre in cinema that I like. I watch almost all genres, and I like versatile films. Fortunately, I can watch absolutely all genres on ดูหนัง hd. It is very convenient when you have all the movies in one place. Plus, it's free, which is great.
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the kind of movies that made us laugh while in junior high drinking Rupert Knickerbocker 7 oz beer....

Japanese men with hard hats screaming, "rhun fo youh lives preseeeeeese" as a monster trampled model cars....

One, was the monster escaped from the polar ice caps to wade thru the Pacific Ocean.... Anyway, the US Destroyer and a landing crew surveyed a remote island near Japan (???) and came across African tribesmen that looked like Japanese actors in BLACKFACE!!! "Ooooogah Boooogah prease".
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