I sold the motorhome today


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I thought it would be a bigger shock. But I'm indifferent. It was time. 14 years, it was a nice run. It sold quickly. I'm not a haggler. I just wanted it gone. Almost 40,000 miles driven in 14 years. 34 states. 8,564,987 memories.

The people that bought it, sold their older RV this week. Some guy getting a divorce. ANd he paid them in cash. So they turned around and handed me a ziplock bag containing 410 bills of various denominations between $1 & $100. The credit union was closed today and Monday is a holiday. I felt like Pablo Escovar counting the dough.

I updated my vehicle insurance to the new address today. I saved a whopping $7 from the previous address, which is actually a mail forwarding service address. Next week I'll change my driver's license.

We have stayed in so many different accommodations over the years, this feels like just 1 more. But it's not. It's all on us now.

The campground part of where we are staying is a hub of activity this weekend. Usually we are out of Florida by this time of the year. The local roads are busy. I chose to stay home today, instead of dealing with a sea of humanity.

Hoping everyone enjoys their Memorial Day weekend


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Thanks..was wondering if sold yet.

It is truly amazing how fast you can sell them. Had a used Cardinal 5th Wheel..paid 15,000 for it.. had it for 10 years..or close to it..sold it for 10,000. It was in good shape because took good care of it. Elderly lady wanted to live in on daughter's property. I wish could share pictures of it here but says file too big. Anyway, happy for you both.


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Congratulations!! (again) I'm sure it's a bit of a culture shock to you for now but I know your adventures will continue --just in a different way. Different is definitely NOT worse - just different. Re-inventing, if you will.

I'm looking forward to visiting. Will need to get with your Activity Coordinator and get your itinerary so I can make zee plans! :getdown:


Doris Day meets Lady Gaga
Ms. Bann,

I happen to know a guy who knows people in Hollywood....Anyway, this guy he knows, has a body shop that prepares vehicles for the movies. Anyway......wait a minute, where am I, who are you..... you look like a 12 year old girl with Saddle shoes....blink, oh yeah, he has a van that was used by Cheech and Chong that he will sell me for like 4500..... Why dont we go halfsies, and drive down to see them....It'll be like Thelma and Louie....I have an old 8mm camera and can film it....

Just a thought.

Not sure Mrs. GregV would be too happy about that! :lol: