I thought this was a statue


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It was beautiful until that pop up ad covered the entire head and neck of the horse. How do we get rid of those ads? I've tried the settings part, but no luck.


Wow, yeah those ads are annoying. :(

The horse is an Akhal-Teke which is a horse breed from Turkmenistan. There's some odd photoshop going on but they're very recognizable by their characteristic sheen. :)

*edited to add, nothing negative about the photoshop just weird yellow tinge and blurred tail but not like anything is changed/hidden. Might even just be due to bad quality save-as over and over again.
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Beautiful horse....glimmers like gold. It has to be a relative to the palomino with that beautiful golden color.


A horse of course!
Actually each hair shaft is hollow, and they are very slick, unlike normal horse hairs which when looked at under a microscope have jagged edges. Champagne horses also have the same sheen, it's a trademark of the color gene. http://www.chboa.com/champagne_gene
"The champagne coat often has a distinct sheen to it. This is believed to be because of the unique structure of the hair shaft. The sheen can make capturing the champagne color on film difficult."

Another color modifier that creates a sheen like that is pearl (the barlink factor) - it is linked to the cream gene.
http://www.horsetesting.com/Pearl.htm | http://www.hippo-logistics.com/newdilutions/pearl/

And no it's not anorexic, it's athletic, but i don't think that only a pretty color should quantify a horse as the most beautiful in the world - It should read the most beautiful horse COLOR in the world.... :lol: