I Tried to Prove it Wrong...


Just sneakin' around....
...but couldn't. :ohwell:

Kept seeing an ad for Blue Bunny ice cream cones that are supposed to be as soft as soft serve. Yeah, sure. Saw a package in the store, bought them. Put them in the freezer for an hour just to make sure they weren't warmed up from the ride home. Took a bite. Sumbitch.... it really IS soft as soft serve, and brain-freeze cold to boot! And it tasted pretty good too.

But, one and done. 50% of the daily sugar in one cone, and I have sugar sensitivity issues as it is.


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My favoritest, bestest, ice cream ever. Perry's Lemon Chillo. Smooth,, creamy very lemony, ice cream with small bits of lemon cookies in it. Regretably it is a Northern NY company so I only get it on vaca but it is the first stop in town. F the 'betes for one waffle cone of heaven.


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When I was growing up ion western Massachusetts had Friendly's, HoJos and HP Hood for ice creams.
One I really miss is Friendly's Maple-Black Walnut.