I wrote a negative Yelp review — and it made my life a nightmare


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“I gave an honest review of my experience to warn others, and he is trying to silence me. It’s a nightmare,’’ Michelle Levine told The Post.

Levine said she found Dr. Joon Song of New York Robotic Gynecology & Women’s Health online and went to him for a checkup in July 2017.

“A week later, he billed my insurance company $1,304.32 for the new-patient visit and ultrasound, and I got a bill for $427 that wasn’t covered,” she said.

“The annual was supposed to be free!”

“When I called his office [to gripe], they were immediately aggressive and said I had come in complaining of pelvic pain,” which required the ultrasound, Levine said, denying she ever told them she had pelvic pain.

“I was so disgusted, I wrote a review on several sites, including Yelp, ZocDoc and Health Grades,” she said.

“Very poor and crooked business practice,” Levine wrote in the review. “I suspect that this doctor gives unnecessary procedure [sic] to a lot of people and then charges the insurance sky high prices and no one knows the difference.

“Everything about my one and only visit here has caused me emotional distress and panic, and now they want me to cough up an extra $500 for services I didn’t even need?”

Two weeks later, she got an email from the doctor’s lawyers, telling her she was being sued.

The $1 million suit touts Joon’s Yale University training and accuses Levine of false postings and online harassment.

I wrote a negative Yelp review — and it made my life a nightmare


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I'm more concerned that it is called Robotic Gynecology, wtf is that.

I am envisioning this, looking in there.