Identify a Bird


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I'm usually pretty good about different types of birds, but I have had a visitor at my feeder the past couple of days that's mostly black and on his wing there is red area, I'm thinking redwing black bird. Today I got a closer look, and after the red area there is a big yellow stripe next to the red. Anyone know ?


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also they hardly ever visit my feeders.... what are you feeding them? Me black oilseeds and suet blocks.


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Although my feeders were thick with them over the winter, I haven't seen many since April. I'm guessing they've moved back into the marshy areas to build nests and care for their young.


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Go with your hunch...I see them while kayaking--they love the marsh grasses. Not fond of forest.


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We have/had redwing blackbirds at our feeders in Calvert and Montgomery.

Share a story. Yesterday, there was a crow sitting on our bench on the deck for hours. He looked very beat up; a wound by his beak and his tail feathers looked very short. Not sure what happened to him. Two other crows kept coming to check on him. We didn't know what to do if the crow in question didn't leave; like pooping everywhere, and the poor thing just cawed and cawed. Almost called Animal Control, but then the crow was gone. Unusual. That's all.