Identity Theft


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We camped out for Rush tickets at the Cap Centre in the early 80s and some guy came around collecting money for a beer run. We said what the hell and chipped in $5. The guy came back with at least 10 cases of Schaefer and stashed it in the back of my 73 Datsun P/U. Good times...
Schaefer wasnt too bad.


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I wasn't. The bank had it back in my account in about 10 days. Someplace in the UK got my debit card number.
I had this happen 2 times in a 2 year period. Well, not in the UK. Both times, they cancelled my debit card on Saturday afternoon, leaving me no way to access my funds until Monday morning at 9:00am. This sucks when you have direct deposit and no revolving credit accounts. I opened an account at Navy Federal and haven't had an issue since. I only keep the other account open because they have a brick and mortar building on every other street corner in St. Mary's, and those close to me bank there.