If A Guy Did This It Would Be Stalking .....


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After helplessly watching her new object of affection walk through the checkouts, the pastry chef said she was overcome with a burning desire to finally speak with him – but sadly, he was already making a quick getaway in his white ute.

In an act of pure desperation, Nadine swiftly wrote down the stranger’s license plate number with a ‘crazy idea’ to go to the police for information – but decided to post her plight onto her local community Facebook page instead in the hopes of finding the mysterious man of her dreams.

Nadine’s romantic efforts paid off and her post generated thousands of likes and hundreds of comments from people in the community hoping to find the mystery man and pair them up.

And in just twenty minutes, local 39-year-old boiler maker Joel Seinor claimed that he could be her knight in shining armour – but Nadine had only one way to find out.


THB ... back in the 90's I used to see adds in the 'City Paper' in DC ...

"we shared a seat on the subway x date and time' talked about [insert topic] .... I was wearing"
'I'd like to take you to lunch"


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You know, reading just the blurb, I guessed that he MUST have some kind of charming banter or style,
because - well damn - he sure didn't seem to have anything else going for him. She's not bad looking,
but he looks like a homeless dude.

I read the article again and realized - she never even SPOKE to him. This was all based on his
appearance and maybe a friendly look.

It's just weird. Like Dee Jay says, a seat for every butt.