If climate change an existential threat, as Democrats claim, then THIS is our only option


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“Existential threat” is a grave phrase and, at least for the sake of this article, I will take these Democrats at their word that this is a deeply held belief and not merely campaign jargon.

The only way to face an existential threat is to kill it before it kills you. Otherwise, it is not a threat. And certainly not “existential.”

During World War II, America did not face the existential threat of Hitler by fighting Nazis at home. We did not face down the existential threat of the Cold War with speeches. When Muslim extremists brought existential violence to our nation on 9/11, we took the fight to them.

War with China, then, is an absolutely essential component of addressing the climate crisis if, indeed, it is existential. We cannot stand by and their actions contribute to the death of all humanity.

No one wants war. No young men wanted to storm the beaches of Normandy, but they did it because the crisis was existential. So, if not a military war with China, surely the presidential candidates would support at minimum a trade war. China producing less means they would pollute less and that is essential in combating climate change. Yet, the Democrats running for president oppose the tariffs currently crippling China’s economy.



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You could eliminate half the people in China and they'd still have more citizens than the US. Same with India.

You win a war against China. Now you have to Marshall plan them back to prosperity. Before you know it, you'll have the same conditions that caused you to go to war. Wash, rinse, repeat.