If I were forced to take a commercial flight...


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...which airline would I hate the least?

My dad is turning 80 end of September and my mom wants me to be there. Plus I kind of want to be there just because all the fam will be around and I can kill a bunch of birds with one stone. Driving will be 17 hours and I'm past the age where I'd just go for it - it would take me three driving days to get there, and three to get back, which is not only mucho bucks for gas but hotel nights as well.

Flying makes sense, but I hate that chit. I love to fly, I just hate the airlines and other passengers.

OTOH, I do love a road trip, but timewise it doesn't make sense right now.

So which airline would I hate the least? Keeping in mind that I'm probably going to bail on it and drive. Although if I fly I can go, spend a couple of days, and come back home. But driving is more appealing.
Southwest. Almost every single time.


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My first commercial flight experience was in 1963. A prop airliner....from Friendship Airport to Boston Logan.

Yeah..I'm gettin' old...


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This trip on Southwest went better than May's trip on American. I do like American's planes better. Video displays on every seat and plenty USB charging ports. Not a single charging port on Southwest's 737-700's or -800's. Maybe that's why the fares are cheaper. They did give me a complementary alcoholic beverage ticket for each leg for flying Business Select.