If Trump Loses..


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Don't know.

Based on 2016s Democrat precedent, aren't we supposed to spend the next four years attacking people, busting crap up, looting and setting fires?


If I may ...
If I may ...

Who should run in 2024? Really? Heck I should ask that even if he wins.
The powers that be haven't decided for us as of yet. You're gonna have to let them first finish crashing the entire world economy first before they can get around to presidential matters again.
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I'd like to see Ted Cruz take another go at it. I like him a lot better now than I did in 2016. I've heard talk about Nikki Haley giving it a go. I wouldn't mind seeing that.

Pretty sure Hogan is going to take a shot. I don't see that going much further than O'Malley's lame attempt.


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Sorry so wordy....but here goes -

If Trump loses – probably means that in 4 years our country will change a lot and move further to the left. Will our country be ready to move back to the right after 4 years of leftist agenda? That will be a big factor in who should run in 2024. Of course if that happens, folks on the right will probably want to run the most ultra right person they can get, which may not be the best idea to try to get lefts on board.

If Trump wins, then I have hope that maybe this country still has some of its mind left and we can work over the next 4 years to really get some of those corrupt, swamp members out of office and into jail cells where they belong. Hopefully we can start establishing a little more law and order without these riots and idiots running freely destroying communities.

I’m not sure how many folks are really on board with running another member of the Trump family. I know some are, but it may not be the best way to garner the votes of those ‘undecided’, or it may put off those that ‘held their nose’ and voted for Trump. They may just not show up to vote if another Trump family member ran in 2024.

We all know that Hogan is going to run. If he keeps his nose clean over the next 4 years, he has his popularity to point to as Maryland Governor and a decent track record as Governor (even if some of us don’t like it).

I think Rick Scott (FL) or Tim Scott (SC) would be decent choices for 2024.

What happens over the next 4 years that will determine our mindset of who/what this country needs in 2024. Who knows.....maybe some superstar that we don't even know will emerge.


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Splain it to me, Lucy..Really haven't read any bad stuff on her.
She's buddy buddy with Brennan and defended him on Twitter. There was a photo of her with him at some thing, and when called out she said that she has no control over who gets invited to these things. When reminded that she does indeed have a choice as to who she will appear with, she said that Brennan is an okay guy blah blah blah.

Brennan is NOT an okay guy.

Just say NO to Nikki Haley.