Ignorant Things Heard On MSNBC


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If it's important to you, you find a way to get to the polls. Those that are too ****ing lazy to get off their fat asses and brush the cheeto dust off of themselves, shouldn't have a voice in politics.

Those are the people accepting those free cheetos .


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MSNBC: 'White Christian Nationalist' DeSantis Believes God Chose Him

“Here's the thing with DeSantis. It's not just rhetorical. Right? It actually–this idea seeps into his governance,” Menendez cried.

Turning to MSNBC columnist and author Anthea Butler, Menendez wanted her to talk through the ridiculous argument she just made.

“it seeps into his governance because the way he thinks about the world is that God has put him in that place to rule over Florida. And so when you see this, when he’s against trans kids, and the don't say gay bill, and all of this, this is part and parcel of what he sees his Christian nationalism to be,” Butler falsely claimed.

Continuing to smear DeSantis and proving what an anti-Christian bigot she is, Butler huffed that DeSantis “thinks that he has dominion over this Earth and God has given it to him.”


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According to Omarosa, who rose to fame as a contestant on former President Donald Trump’s reality show, The Apprentice, and later disgraced herself as a member of Trump’s administration, the timing of Ivanka’s announcement, which coincided with her father’s official 2024 declaration, was meant to cause “damage.”

“Ivanka is very, very strategic,” Omarosa opined. “I would say she’s his favorite child, so the fact that she chose that timing, that moment to announce she wasn’t going to support him was her opportunity to be very much like her father and take the spotlight and let the narrative be about her.”

“She knew that would damage him,” she stated.

Wildly speculative and drenched in bitter envy, it’s exactly the sort of thing you’d expect Omarosa to say.