I'm shocked it was this few!


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Washington Post 'embarrassed' over gaffe-filled story needing 15 corrections

The Washington Post admitted leadership is embarrassed after the paper was forced to issue a whopping 15 corrections to one story about black families struggling to keep their southern farmland.

“We are embarrassed by the widespread errors in this freelance article. We have published a detailed correction of each error and updated the story based on re-reporting by Post staff,” executive editor Marty Baron told Fox News.



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And those "writers" are still on staff? Where is your credibility, WAPO? :D

Oh, that left the house when Elvis did......


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Are we really surprised when liars lie? They can "issue corrections" until they run out of ink and the cultbots who were targeted by the original story will never see them.

We really need to start holding our "news media" accountable.