Important Information on Posting in the Life in Southern Maryland Forum

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It is very important that when posting in this forum, you only post topics that are specific to life in southern Maryland. Please do not post topics that are more general news or would be better served in another forum.

Examples of appropriate topics:

  • Traffic rants
  • Information on local businesses
  • General topics about living in this area
  • Major events or emergencies
Examples of inappropriate topics:
  • Religious or political viewpoints
  • State, National or International news
Your cooperation is important in order for to continue to facilitate Free Speech in the Forums.
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Members, please help. If you see a post in this Life in Southern Maryland forum which does not belong here in accordance with the above guidelines, please use the report link to let us know.

Please note that, although it may seem so, this is not an arbitrary rule just to be a nuisance. There are significant underlying reasons for this.

Appreciate everyone's understanding and assistance :)
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To clarify:

We are asking this ONLY in the Life in Southern Maryland forum, not the whole forum/all topics. Rant away anywhere else, but please keep the Life forum to local information.
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