Impossible Burger

Been wanting to try the Impossible Burger, so stopped at Burger King today.

First impression was not bad as far as taste. But it definitely wasn't beef and didn't taste like beef. The only reason it still tasted similar to a Whopper was because it was hidden under all the goo, the ketchup, mayo, onions, etc... Take that all away and I'm sure it would not have been anywhere near as edible. I kept getting a taste of something nutty, almost like peanuts.

Afterwards, I looked up the nutrition info. It's only about 50 calories less than the beef patty (patty only, no goo or bread), and with the condiments is 630 calories vs the regular burger of 660, half of those calories from fat. Yes, fat in the plant-based burger. 260 more milligrams of salt vs the regular burger.

It's now about an hour later, and my gut feels a little funny. I keep thinking of Olestra....

I tried it. No thanx. I'll take my chances with red meat.


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A tasty veggie burger usually adds fat for flavor, so it's not saving you any calories. Like a bison burger - those usually get butter added for taste, which defeats the purpose of the lean bison meat.

Anyway, thank you for trying the Impossible Burger so I don't have to. :yay:


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Could be. I figured it was the oily 'char' people taste and associate with beef grilled.
There are people who have that tick-borne red meat allergy problem. Since BK cooks it on the same grill, they cannot eat the veggie burger either.
Ok, so you know that methane smell as you approach an active landfill?

And the smell of that black, de-oxygenated anaerobic mud in some swamp?



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I can't imagine why anyone would want to eat such a highly processed franken food in the first place.....Don't give a crap how it tastes.


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On the road, 1 of the convenience stores we stopped in had a Carl's Jr. attached to it. They sell a meatless patty. We asked the girl at the counter if she tried it. She said she did and that it was her favorite burger to eat. Maybe have to try one just to see for myself.