In poor taste or....


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The first thing I thought of is how do parents explain that sign to their children. It is startling, and looks very real. Did the company really think they would get any positive feedback? I would say this has negatively impacted the company for future business.


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I haven't seen it so much as an advertisement as an optical illusion.

I like it.

It's a lot better than those hanging ball sacks.
After all the negative responses, the guy who created it, and other gross images, peeled the decal off, placed it in a wheelbarrow, added a flammable liquid and burned it.


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Their marketing agent (the owner) could have turned it into a gold mine if he had put the proper spin on it and made it into an Awareness and placed a positive spin on it. The fact that he failed to follow up with a positive spin of being aware of your surroundings, (Like the Texas teens that saved that kidnapped woman's life), or being aware of physical abuse, no hitchhiking because of crazy people, etc, shows a severe lack of fore thought.

The imagery, from an artistic point of view was fabulous. However, because of the way the content was displayed, it was tasteless.


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Tasteless, or could have been better presented, yep. But there are people claiming to have been hurt by this.......really? Unless you or a member of your family has been abducted, I think it's silly to cry over this...


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I liked some of the other tailgate wraps they have that were showed on the news- half a zombie body crawling out of the bed, a sniper in prone position aiming a rifle out of the bed and few others.