Indian Head Highway


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You old guys need to see it from a different perspective...Kamala Harris National Freeway.... Look, every elementry school is named after BHO/Barry Sotero.

But what do we call the early last century coinage with a proud native, thrown from his land by white supremacist's who's face is on one side..? What about the Godly BUffalo and his wings??? And the BLM sexist football team that has no women on it???
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see above

also, the same delegation of racists politicians will rename Trumps Hill Road to Biden Harris trail... i made that up.........MAYBE


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If the motivation is truly objection to the word "Indian", the road could be renamed Native American Highway. This is nonsense.


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Obama politics aside...Why Obama? He has no ties to Maryland, so it makes little sense to rename this highway for him. Why not at least to show some state pride and choose from any number of people with some tie to Maryland?

I don't think it should be renamed, because trying to erase the word "Indian" is akin to putting it in the same class as the "N-word". How long will it be before we will have to refer to "Indian" as the "I-word"?