Infant CPR


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Does anyone know of any classes they give in SoMD? I would like to learn infant CPR and didn't want to drive an hour or so to Annapolis.


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St. Marys hospital and calvert memorial both have classes on a reg basis. Great skill to have. In a pinch there are great youtube videos.


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I've checked St. Mary's hospital and they are booked until the June 25 class. They have their class schedule available online and I think you can sign up online as well. Classes and Events

Haven't checked Calvert or any of the other places PPs listed.


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I just took a first aid and CPR class a few weeks ago. The teacher was from the rescue squad. Although it was a general class, they did speak specifically about infants, too. 15 compressions to 1 breath.


Who taught you? The compression rate for Infant CPR, single rescuer, is 30 compressions, then 2 breaths. If you have 2 rescuers, its 15 compressions, then 2 breaths.
Place 2 fingers on the breastbone -- just below the nipples. Make sure not to press at the very end of the breastbone.
Keep your other hand on the infant's forehead, keeping the head tilted back.
Press down on the infant's chest so that it compresses about 1/3 to 1/2 the depth of the chest.
Give 30 chest compressions. Each time, let the chest rise completely. These compressions should be FAST and hard with no pausing. Count the 30 compressions aloud. Then give 2 rescue breaths. Each breath should take about a second and make the chest rise.