Injured Box Turtle


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I just found a box turtle with about a 1 x 2 inch chunk out of the top of his shell.
It's probably 1/2 inch deep. I suspect a lawnmower hit.
Normally I don't bother wildlife, but it looks like there may be some infection in the wound.
There is a spot in the middle that's got some milky fluid in it.
His head and front legs are very active, but his back legs do not come out of the shell.
I put him in a tote with some chopped tomato and romaine lettuce (what I had on hand).
Is there anything I can do for this poor guy?
Is there something I can put on the wound?
I'd be willing to keep him if he can't be strong enough to survive alone, but of course
the best outcome would to be able to get him well enough to let go again.
Or is he doomed at this point? :-(

Any suggestions???


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It's kind of hard to give an answer without seeing the turtle. I'm not a Vet, but put some medical ointment on the sore, and send him packing. Let nature run it's course, or take to Cypress Swamp tomorrow, and see what they can do.

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I clipped a box turtle a few years ago with my tractor mowing grass and cut off about a 2" circle of shell down into the meat.
i coated it with neosporin and let him go. My son found him a few years later and the shell had grown back. You could easily tell this was the one i hit by the distorted healing that occurred.
Good Luck.


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What happened to the poor turtle you tried to save?

I know how you feel. I have stopped in the middle of the road (which is probably not a good idea) to help one get across. Let us know, please.


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I've learned a few things...
St. Mary's has wildlife re-hab groups, but none that will take reptiles.
Veterinarians cannot legally treat wild animals.
DNR does not take in injured animals, but will give you referrals for re-hab groups.
So my last ditch effort is - I contacted a re-hab group in VA that takes reptiles.
...waiting for a response.

The turtle is getting weaker. It doesn't look good for her. :frown:


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You have done all you can do...more than a lot of people would have done. Hope you hear back from the VA rehab group.


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So the turtle is still hanging in there.
She (we think it's a she after some research) is still not moving around the enclosure, but has started kicking her back legs out of the shell.
She won't eat the box turtle food from Petco, and she won't eat any fruit/veggies, but if we put a worm in front of her she scarfs it down,
and she drinks any time we put her face over the water dish.
Still has the gaping hole in her shell, which we have covered with Vaseline.
I'm starting to wonder if she might actually pull through.