Inside haunted houses of the British royal family; even Queen Camilla says 'I don't want to come back'


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Queen Elizabeth II, King Charles III and Queen Camilla reportedly had encounters with spooky spirits behind palace doors

The British royal family doesn’t need to visit a haunted house this Halloween — chances are they’re living in one.

HELLO! magazine’s "A Right Royal Podcast" recently sat down with historians and a paranormal expert to learn more about infamous palace hauntings from over the years. With centuries of history behind castle walls, it’s no secret that many royals have had encounters with neighbors from the beyond.

"King Charles’ grandmother, The Queen Mother, grew up in one of the most haunted venues in Scotland — Glamis Castle," Kinsey Schofield, host of the "To Di For Daily" podcast, told Fox News Digital. "It is believed that multiple ghosts haunt the hallways of Glamis. Author Sir Walter Scott once wrote of his time alone at the castle… and William Shakespeare even used Glamis Castle as an inspiration for ‘Macbeth!’"

"The Queen Mother had several ghost encounters at Glamis," Schofield shared. "One of the ghosts she spoke of was a young male servant. They believe he was there around the 18th century. Despite being mistreated throughout his time there… he is described as mischievous and funny. Witnesses say he trips people outside the Queen Mother’s bedroom. He’s also suspected of tugging at bedsheets in the middle of the night."

Mind you, these are allegedly intelligent, reasoning adults. :lmao: