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she did the right thing
and got demoted for it.
What I can't believe is Fritz doesn't give a crap about the optics.
You don't promote someone several times and then just demote them.
At least not following that person raising questions.
It just screams that she was demoted for political reasons, not her performance.


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Just sneakin' around....
This one?

Fritz's response just reeks of retribution.


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This really sucks because I spent a few Boy Scout summer camps around this man and he seemed like a regular guy. I don't know what to believe.


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Anyone besides me dying to know what the inappropriate image was?


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Anyone besides me dying to know what the inappropriate image was?
Just you maybe.
I'm more concerned with the Project Graduation funds and their usage of those funds, coupled with the inaction on the part of the BOCC to use Federal Covid relief monies to purchase laptops for SMCPS.

Rick Fritz will get re elected next time around. He will get out of that office when he decides to leave unless lightning comes down from Annapolis.


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I'm more curious about this:
“I find it very perplexing that after some attorneys, Mr. Fritz and Mrs. Womack went on a nine-day “conference” to Ocean City, paid for by the County, that was actually canceled, all the nasty behavior and money schemes started to take place.”