Internet blowhards and their stupid causes


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That's what's annoying me today. Some microbrewer just sold their business to Anheuser Busch and Internet Blowhard is all up in arms and spewing drama. "They are dead to me!! :drama:"


Not sure why they care, but they do. Like, very much. It's just ruined their whole life or something.


In the meantime, Wicked Weed can feel terrible all the way to the bank. :yahoo:

Also, there is a lot of crying over how we're all going to die in the next day or so because of Trumpcare. (Because, you know, it's just way different than Obamacare.) Oh, and women will become extinct because Planned Parenthood has been "defunded". (Yes, that is an actual quote from some dumbass who posted it on her FB, then followed by a disappointingly large pack of her fellow dumbasses who took up the cry.)

In both cases I did not respond! :yahoo: I started to, then was Pointless. What those people need is a life or a lobotomy, and I don't need to get involved with them. "It's got what plants crave...."


Is it bad that people I used to like and respect, I now see them as mindless dumbasses?
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women becoming extinct? :jameo:
wait, if that happens wont the rest of us pretty much become extinct very shortly after?
at any rate, Im going to go pick out my new husband now so Im not left with only the ugly ones when the time comes.