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Have been using On Line Gateway and am VERY displeased with their service.  Anyone have a better service out there?  Would be nice to have web-based e-mail and be able to access it from anywhere.  

OLG is (1) hard to get to (busy, can't connect, etc.) and (2) always crashing.  Just last week my "sent" messages disappeared and they have taken a whole week to NOT get back to me.  


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I actually use *two* - Erol's (which is now Starpower) and Earthlink, which is nationwide. Both are fairly reliable. For some dumb reason, I never bothered to kill the old service, so I still have both. They have their shortcomings - once in a blue moon, I can't get on one of them, but basicaly I'm happy with both of them.
I use Erols/Starpower too, and have been since day one. Very reliable service which includes 10mb of server space for personal web pages.  I pay annually and get a small price break, though I don't recall exactly what I'm paying. (doh!)

Erols does not have web-based email that I'm aware of, however, there's always hotmail for that.


I had OLG but switched to a free service, then the free services went away.  Now I have Earthlink because my credit union offers it at $2.00 per month less then the going rate.  I like that I get 5+ mailboxes, web space and web email access if needed.  I also like that they have their own browser (or you can access directly through Netscape or IE) since my mother is on my account and it combines email and web browser in one program.

I never have any trouble connecting either.


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I second all that was said bout earthlink. Never had a problem connecting and email is web accessible.



What phone number are you dialing into.
I use to have those problems until I got
the new numbers and they are:
410.286.3016    or     443.237.4654
The only thing about using the 443 # is
that when you log in you have to enter
your entire email address and the password.

Good Luck..

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I have alwyas had TQCI, no problems gettin on... great price, and excellent service...  they are on 235  next to blairs jewelry...


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