Intersection between Feminists and Transgenders - The Left Eating It's Own


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So then, what's a hermaphrodite, Dicky?
One of the chromosomal abnormalities I referred to earlier. If you prefer "aberration" or "mutation" to "abnormality", that's fine with me, as is defining "transgender" as having other than an XX or XY chromosome pairing. That's scientifically verifiable. But if you've a "normal" chromosome pair and think or "feel" you're really some "different" gender, then you're just effed in the head.


If I may ...
If I may ...
No you may not.
That article just goes to show the idiocy that people will go through to push their narrative in an attempt to change definitions that have been around for thousands and thousands of years. Using birth defects in an attempt to alter those thousands and thousands of years of definition is stupid and goes to show the mental instability of those that support it. So, yes I may ...