Is she over-qualified as a judge?


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GOP Senator Stumps Biden's Judicial Nominee with Basic Questions About Constitution: 'How Do You Not Know This?'​

Quote: It was noted in the Alliance For Justice fact sheet that if confirmed, Bjelkengren would be “the first black woman to serve on a federal District Court in the state of Washington.”

I'd say "under-qualified," because if she were a lez-bean (shout-out @PresSec!), the lame stream would be having a field day. It would be like the moose limb Call to Prayer, or something. Even better would be if she were a trans-something, but despite everything, there really aren't enough of them to go around.

I mean, I'm not sure why they don't just apply to jobs that look interesting, regardless of their background, experience, knowledge, or skills. For example: I've long wanted to be an airline pilot. I've never flown, never had any classroom training, or even any reading up on how to be a pilot. Although I did hear that there was a school somewhere in Florida that would teach people how to get an airplane up into the air - landing being an elective or something not required for one's major.

All I have to do is start dressing like a woman, traipse into a few women's restrooms, and then apply for the job. They'd have to put me in the cockpit (that's sexist!) because all I'd have to do is threaten to go to the American Communist Lawyers' Union, and to the social media thingie.

As far as hiring and appointing is concerned, it sadly looks like the one common trait President Joe Biden seeks out is sheer incompetence.



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She fits Biden's requirements for appointments.
Her actual fitness for the job means nothing.
I wonder who actually chose her?

Probably the Georgetown shadow.
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