Is there a hurricane a comin'?


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I don't get any weather channels, but my neighbor asked me if I was prepared for it and I said of course, but I really don't know what she's talking about. Anyone?


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As of 1700 this afternoon, they're guessing that the "eye" will track along the Eastern Shore. Keep in mind that it will be a tropical storm when that happens and the strongest part of the storm will be north and east of the "eye". So, SoMD will be on the weak side of the storm. This isn't expected to happen until Tuesday so everything is subject to change. I figure that the projections will be more accurate by Sunday evening.



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Full moon tide may actually cause a notch more flooding during the high tides, as Isaias passes.


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It looks like this could make for a very busy Monday. Everyone and their brother will be wanting their boats pulled out of the water.


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As of 0800 on Sunday. Forecasting 65mph sustained winds with hurricane force gusts. 3-5 inches of rain. We've been lucky for quite a few years but may not avoid this one. Expect power to fail if it follows this track.
That means warm beer.