Is this where our free speech is going?


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It's not the same UK that fought in the 2nd World War.
They have been invaded and they seem to like it.


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I'm still running through my mind the literally COUNTLESS times that the left has sought to shut up their counterparts on the right,
either by outright refusing conservatives to speak; trying to shut down conservative radio or opposing them in their homes; speaking
out against broadcasts and contacting their advertising supporters in an effort to silence them - there is seriously no end to them
wanting to shut down what is said by conservatives, and they typically don't bat an eye about it - saying it doesn't need to be said,
it's "hate" speech and dismissing the argument of "tolerance" saying it doesn't matter. I wish I had a nickel for every leftie I have heard
dismissively say "freedom of speech is overrated" - those exact words.

And in this instance, the government is assailed because it wants to balance the scales because yet again, someone on the left is
using their private enterprise to silence anyone writing, posting, tweeting or otherwise trying to censor what is said supporting a view
on the right. I realize that if it is a private server - it means it is their right, but there's a serious irony about calling what they are doing
a violation of First Amendment when - if unchecked - what they intend to do is SPECIFICALLY censor the views of conservatives, and no
one else. Moreover, it was the left who wanted to use the Fairness Doctrine as a means to shut down conservative talk radio - because
the views needed to be "balanced" even if there was no market for left wing views.

It's been and continues to be my experience that when there's disagreement over something - the left wants it shut down, stopped, silenced
and the right wants to just turn the channel, change the station or just not show up or watch. When the right has a speaker coming the left
doesn't want- they will threaten violence unless they're gone - and the right - they'll just stay home. Which of these two sets of actions respects
freedom of speech?


So, just to understand... Trump is against free speech by going after social media outlets who are quelling free speech?


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Fascinating bit of logic, isn't it?
Tell me, Kyle, how do you explain issuing an EO putting the bureaucrats at the FTC and FCC in charge of implementing rules on internet speech? What would that be? Now, imagine the next President in office. Maybe it's a Democrat (GASP!, I know that word makes you uncomfortable) and they decide their FTC and FCC need to crack down on "right wing hate speech". Still a good idea? Or perhaps you folks have no desire to think in the future and believe the government is actually here to help you.

Can you explain to the class, in great detail (I'm sure), how the lessons learned while the Fairness Doctrine was in play should not be applied here?

When both Democrats and Republicans in Washington agree on something, you can bet it's not good.