Islam and jihad

Larry Gude

Strung Out
Just out of curiosity, what makes them a "cultist religion"? As my understanding of a cult is basically any religion that doesn't have enough supporters to be mainstream. Islam has almost as many adherents as Christianity, and will probably eclipse Christianity in the next decade or two.
Ok, it is readily searchable and we should all know this, Christianity is well out in front of Islam something like 2.2 billion or about 31% of us, and Islam is #2 at about 23% or 1.4 billion or so. Next is 'unaffiliated" at about 1 in 7 of us.

As for cults, it seems to me that when we say 'cult' we're talking about a group that has a living person they worship. Like Hitler and it was gone with him. Or Beiber. That sort of thing.