Its beginning to look alot like Waldorf..


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I miss the GIG's chicken wings. Where I would love to have (another) M&G there, it is unfortunate for having a social life, that I work every Fri, Sat and Sun.


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T's Cove!

I still order Bloody Mary's from Rick at TT "with wheels on it"...but I'm only going as far as the dock where my boat is slipped. But the meaning has not changed. ;-)
Loved T's Cove!!! Bloody Mary's were great and so was the mexican food!! Used to go over for the Sunday brunch Trish and Tom would have.


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I was a regular there after moving to PP from 7D in 1990. Frank ran a nice place, for sure. Another one we miss....
Wow. Frank was a friend of my dad's - and he looked out for me and my GFs while we were hanging out down there.

Those were the dayzzz, my friend!

**need to amend - I hung out there in the OLDEN days! '77-'early, early 79-ish.
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