Its like a Monty Python skit...


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Man shunned from village because they believe he is really dead and come to haunt them...

BHOPAL, India - Is Raju Raghuvanshi alive or dead? Ask Raghuvanshi, he'll tell you he is alive. But ask his friends and family, and they'll tell you the man you just spoke with is a ghost sent to haunt them.

Believed by his friends and family to have died in prison, Raghuvanshi returned home earlier this month from his short jail stint to shouts of "Help! Ghost!" and the sounds of neighbors locking their doors in his home village of Katra.

"My family thinks I am dead," he said in a phone interview Monday. "They will not permit me to enter my home because they think I am a ghost."
Raj: If I was dead, could I do this... (walks feet facing forward)
Villager 1: No. No, I suppose not.
Raj: So, can I go in my home now?
Villager 1: No, you're dead.
Raj: But you just said..
Villager 1: You could be one of them tricky ghosts.

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