It's Trumps fault that Black women are fat. LMAO


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This college Professor has the goods on Trump.
He is at fault for Black Women being fat.

She should know, she is about 100 lbs overweight herself..
I would say a love for all you can eat buffets is a more reasonable cause, but I don't have her sheepskins.


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“We are living in the Trump era,” the professor said. “And look, those policies kill our people."

No, you are living in the fried and processed food era, and that is why you're getting fat. Back away from the AYCE buffet, Big Macs, and KFC and try the salad bar. You'll thank me...

"What, vegetables again? That's not food. That's the stuff food eats!" ~ALF


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How in the world can any woman of color be overweight after following Oprah and Queen latifa
In Oprah's case, it goes up & down. You don't see her stand in the Weight Watchers commercials anymore, she's sitting in a chair or couch. She must have packed on the pounds again.


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I am really confused. I didn't really think about it until today but my wife has put on some pounds in the last few years and we are white. What's up with that?