I've got Hank Williams Jr. Tickets.....


55.00? To see hank? :faint:
Yep--if you want to be close to the stage.....and not have to drive 2 hrs one way and then back at 10 pm--and you know alot of the people there...at least if you are from around here. There are cheaper seats for sale....but the view isn't as good--plus...with a decent camera...you can get some awesome concert photos-but I'm into that.:buddies:***
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My dad and I were going through his old records today. We found 2 Hank Williams Jr. records, they are the first ones that he put out. We are also going to the concert, we are up close to the stage and I wish there was a way that I could get him to autograph them for my dad. You would not believe what he looked like when he first came out.