Jackass' star jailed in Sweden




STOCKHOLM, Sweden (Reuters) -- A television star's quip that a drugs-packed condom was lodged in his intestines did not amuse Swedish police.

They arrested Stephen Glover, co-star of "Jackass" on MTV, after he told a newspaper that prior to arriving in Sweden he had swallowed a condom filled with marijuana. He said he was afraid it had got stuck.

"He is now sitting in a cell on a special toilet with an alien object in his stomach. We are waiting for it to come out so we can analyse the contents," prosecutor Gunnar Fjaestad told Reuters Friday.

Glover was touring Sweden with his own show, and will probably have to stay at least two weeks for the investigation.

The MTV show "Jackass," which ran in 2000 and 2001, featured outrageous stunts and practical jokes. It was followed by "Jackass: the Movie" in 2002.