Jeb Bush Wants 'Action' on Climate Change and I Can't Stop Laughing at the Cringe


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Regardless, and more importantly, what exactly does taking action on climate change look like? We are seeing this message come from more and more Republicans, but it always comes with a healthy covering of vagueness. As far as I can tell, Bush supports a carbon tax and wants to “invest” in “infrastructure” to fight global warming. That makes him decidedly liberal on the issue, but how far he’s truly willing to go is a bit of a mystery.

Yet, as a question of politics, his positioning is just stupid and nonsensical. Imagine thinking now is the time to hand the left a victory on one of its key issues. Further, the United States continues to cut its emissions without overbearing taxes or more deficit spending. The problem remains in Asia, with China and India doing the opposite. Europe has also largely flat-lined despite all their virtue signaling on the issue.


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Somebody show these fng educated folks a slice of sedimentary rock and ask them what caused those layers.... Ignore the fossils.....


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I'd like it if Jeb! would stop pretending to be a conservative.

But don't you remember liking him? He was a pretty good Governor of FL. Him and Mitt Romney, and a bunch of those Repukes. I remember Lindsey Graham during the Clinton impeachment trial and he was so impressive.

Now they're all a bunch of dirtbags and I hate them.