Jeffrey Epstein wasn't checked on for hours before apparent suicide


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When was the "alive" pic taken? Maybe 10 years back? Peoples face change. That could account for the nose. Even the ear.
If I had to guess, the alive picture is probably early 50s, so more like 15 years.

I looked at a couple of these pics, and the ear changes look consistent with the age (cartilage becomes less springy), and more particularly lying on his back vs standing up.

I guess that's really all I have to say on the subject. I think they are consistent (closer than many of the hillary before/after fall pictures I have seen)


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Epstein bodyguard interview.

Some super sketchy stuff in here; changing his story from a previous interview suddenly forgetting things, then towards the end when he starts telling the reporter not to talk about certain subjects, that he is a smart man and should know not to talk about these things.

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No friggin way could he have broken bones in his neck in a self-induced choking.
Forensic experts say breaks to the hyoid bone can occur if someone hangs themselves but they are more common in strangulation.

Jonathan L. Arden, president of the National Association of Medical Examiners, told the Washington Post that hyoid breaks are more commonly linked to homicidal strangulation rather than suicide by hanging.



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Looking at the location of the hyoid could lead one to believe that it would break from a drop impact, like an old fashioned hanging. I can't see him getting up the momentum to break that bone, hanging himself from a bunk.
That is my point. No doubt the bone could break if hanged in the normal fashion, but how strong was the article he used as a rope and how did he get the momentum to break that bone.?


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This whole Epstein affair is a huge warning sign of what is happening to our country. It is all lies about his death, and we will never know the truth. Throwback to JFK in 1963. Our gov is very powerful. Keep on trump’n, DJT. Drain the swamp. Thank you. :patriot:


If I may ...
If I may...

A then and now video. Other than Madonna, All are playing instruments. And it appears, the ladies aged very very well. I believe they continue for the love of the art, continuing touring the Nation. Unlike those that contract with some place in Las Vegas for a certain number of shows a year, or just drop out all together after they get their pile of money.


God bless the USA
If I may ...

Sure do miss those times.
I am a music maniac. I was playing classical music at 5 on the piano. My father taught me. We had to give up our piano in 2016 because it was not cost effective to take it when we moved. Haven’t replaced it, yet. BOP recommended getiing a keyboard, but I have been too busy babysitting. If I had to pick an all time fave it would be between these two...

I did get to see George Harrison in concert while at LSU, but not Mozart, obviously. :dance:

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Its remarkably easy to hang yourself. People have succeeded using things like closet knobs. Its a self asphyxiation, not a 'hanging' as in the judicial 6-foot drop type of deal.
Yep, it works better than expected sometimes. Just ask David Carradine....