Jen Psaki Dancing and Ducking


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Jen Psaki is doing her job I suppose. She is supposed to try to make Biden look good.
My question is how can anyone who has pride in themselves and any ethics at all stay in a job that entails lying and falsifying facts that are so evident to the people she is lying to.
Do they pay her enough to destroy her integrity and honesty forever?
After serving in this office she will spend the rest of her life as a known liar who did so without objection.

Well: I suppose that will be to her credit among Democrats.


the poor dad
I still don’t understand why Psaki doesn’t have to wear a mask on Federal property, the executive order from her boss, while doing most of the talking during these press conferences. We’ve been told for the last 18 months that when you talk you are projecting the virus. Yet the reporters in the room who are doing very little talking, only asking a few questions, have to wear the face diaper. Makes no damn sense!