Jerky recipes


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Since jerky was mentioned in the food slicer thread I thought it would be good to have people post their personal jerky recipes. I'll start!

Adjust as needed depending on dehydrator capacity and personal tastes. I double this for mine.

8 lbs very rare beef (or venison) I use round or London broil cuts

2 bottles of Worcestershire Sauce
2 bottles Soy Sauce
3 tbls Accent meat tenderizer (msg)
2 tbls onion powder
2 tbls garlic powder
2 tspn ground pepper
2 tspn liquid smoke
Texas Pete (or any hot sauce) to flavor (I go easy since I prefer my jerky not to set my mouth afire)

Mix all ingredients except meat

Slice meat 1/4 inch thick and remove any fat, add to liquid mixture (meat slices better if it is slightly frozen)

Marinate meat in liquid for 48 hours (more is better) in refrigerator, mixing occasionally
Dehydrate meat at 145 for ~12 hours (jerky is done when it can be bent without breaking but returns to original shape)

I use a commercial style dehydrator from an outdoor store that has time and temperature controls. If you are planning on dehydrating a lot they are worth the $300-400.

Jerky can be stored in food-saver bags in the freezer for up to a year.

If you try it I hope you like it.

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I buy my turkey breasts and pork through the restaurant supply that services the Eagles I belong to. Beef is from my place.
The last few years I just get different jerkey seasonings from Cabela's when on sale I stock up. It seemed I spent much more money buying 20 different bottles and bags of ingredients.