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Kid loved it there at the counter.
Sorry to hear they're gone but not surprised.
My fav was the bourbon steak and they took it off the menu.
Wasn't much impressed with their most recent menu.


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I want their crabcake recipe!!!!!!!:tantrum


A big blob of mayo with crabmeat and no seasoning.

Honestly, I liked Jethros and we certainly had some great times there. The food was okay and some things were fairly good. Then they changed up the way things were done a few years ago and the food was very pricey and was just mediocre. Several months ago, things changed again and everything was separate..burger..fries..etc. The prices were HIGH.

It's a shame they closed up but I think some "people" were stubborn and didn't make changes for the better.


i want their pulled pork distributor's number... best sandwich of any kind in calvert.

:killingme....if you can't make your own pulled pork,.....prays....:duh:

Never had any better than home style,....but that's just me...:shrug: