Jetpack keeps rebooting


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Since we've been in PCB, my hotspot keeps rebooting when I connect to it. It's fine when it's just sitting there, but once I connect with my laptop or Kindle, it reboots periodically. Nothing consistent, not every x-minutes, but randomly.

I thought it was a defective unit, so Verizon replaced it, but still having the same problem.

We are in a time zone vortex, in CST but about 15 miles from EST. When my Kindle was set to pick up the time automatically, I noticed that it would switch back and forth between C and E, I'm guessing depending on which tower signal I was picking up.

Might that be what's causing the hotspot to reboot? I've googled and come up with nothing of value, and I've called Verizon and their tech has no idea. Since we have a lot of smart techies on here, I thought I'd ask you all.


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Based on a quick search, this appears to be an ongoing problem without an answer.
That's what I gathered as well. It only started happening when we got to PCB. Could it be the time zone hosing it up? Or could it be conflicting with the campground's signal?

I have no idea, just throwing stuff out there.


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We get it too. In fact, yesterday it went one WORSE - it completely reset, along with the name and password.


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I'm convinced it was the dual time zone. We're in Mobile, AL and it's fine now.
Hope you enjoyed Mobile, even though the weather wasn’t great. I lived there 78-82. It is charming with a lot of history. Mardi Gras, actually, originated there.


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Thanks! :buddies: This has been driving me nuts for a couple days now. Pretty much constantly rebooting this morning. Called Verizon on GMR- they had a replacement Mifi, and wanted to talk options. Maybe a battery issue.
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