Joe di Genova explains where the Russia Hoax is headed


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Throughout the unfolding of the Russia hoax, nobody has topped the clarity provided by DC superlawyer and former US Attorney for the District of Columbia, Joseph DiGenova. In his television and radio appearances, he has not minced words about the nature of the illegal coup underway, and has not hesitated to name names. Undoubtedly, he has sources within the DC legal community that, combined with his experience as the top federal prosecutor among US Attorneys, give him a bird’s eye view of where this scandal – the biggest political scandal in history – is heading.

- Audio at the link


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People Colluded to interfere in the election, and it was not Donald Trump.

They even colluded to and are still colluding to unseat the legally elected President of the United States.
They have caused untold damage to our country, and they are not finished yet.

I sincerely hope that Mr. Barr does not stop until they have paid for their treachery and deceit.