JPMorgan Banker Fired for Expense Errors Sues for Discrimination


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Master was dismissed in early 2019 following what the bank called “really stupid errors” over her claims. She has now sued for discrimination alleging she struggled with a “hostile environment” from managers stemming from her dyslexia.

“When I was subjected to bullying and abusive comments and micromanagement tactics my ability to cope was simply shattered and there was no chance of my being able to work creatively,” Master said in a legal filing for a London employment tribunal hearing this week.

There was a similar lawsuit from an EOD Tech but the decedants action was withdrawn following an unfortunate "Clockwise vs Counter-Clockwise" mix-up.
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I am sure she disclosed her dyslexia on her application or in an interview. NOT! Maybe they should sue her for false pretense.


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Hilarious. No wonder she got fired, not only making errors but has the belief that a banker should be "creative"