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7 What hobbies do you have?

It’s healthy to like different things, but I’d prefer them to enjoy doing similar things to me when we spent time together, such as going to health events, walking in nature and salsa dancing.

8 Which do you prefer, early or late nights?

If they like late nights, then this wouldn’t work as I am normally in bed by 9.30pm.

9 Do you like a lot of contact by phone?

If they do like lots, then it feels too overwhelming for me, as I like my own space. However, if they don’t like much contact either, that’s also not ideal, as it could feel like they were not that interested in me, or maybe even had other people they were seeing.

But if they’re the type to message and expect a reply within the hour (and start bombarding me if they don’t get one!), I would say this person is too insecure for me.



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To me, those are all questions to be found out in person. Using them to weed out un-prospective candidates before even meeting is kinda lame. Well, except the biological origin question....


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1 Are you really a biological man?
1. Are you really a woman?
2. No Seriously... you need to present a DNA/Chromosome Test.
3. How many shoes do you own?
4. How many credit cards do you have maxxed out?
5. How many times have you been married?
6. How many times have you been arrested?
7. How many of those arrests involved the spouse?

Have to use the restroom, be right back... 🛻 🏃‍♂️


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Curiosity, I actually skimmed the article. Can't say I actually read it. Note, likely from Australia, they are a bit of queer cross between liberal Americans and Brits,

My reation, :killingmego ahead, ask me any questions you would like. But don't expect serious answers, actually be prepared for maybe some off putting answers, just to gauge your sense of humor
"I frequently go to the cemetery late at night to talk to me dearly departed mama"
"May I ask a question, do you like the top or bottom?"