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Boba Fett is one of those monkey-see-monkey-do things where some media person told us rabble that we should love this obscure character that didn't have a name OR a story line, so we did. Just shows to go ya.....

I remember - a short time after "Empire" - there were action figures of all kinds of characters from the movie, especially Yoda. And then they were selling the bounty hunter, who was named Boba Fett. That's the first time I heard of him.

Doing a little Internet digging - that's EXACTLY where his popularity - and name - started. He was such a popular toy BEFORE "Return" that he began being incorporated into stories, comics and so on, so that by the time the third movie aired, he had a significant back-story. When they re-did all of the original movies and added scenes and special effects - like the deleted and then re-added and edited scene with Solo and Jabba - they ADDED Boba to the first movie.

Like Darth Maul, Dooku and General Grievous - little boys just LOVED to have a bad guy they could play with, and until Boba, it was just Darth and unnamed Stormtrooper.

Even the Star Wars guys were taken by surprise at how popular the toy was.

But they sure have made a lot out of the franchise. Every time I read, learn or find out how deep it goes, I find another level of holy cow there's even MORE than I thought. Not unlike Tolkien's Middle Earth except that with Tolkien, he spent decades fleshing it out on paper, by himself.


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I do not watch movies that cannot ever be real,like the 1 in question or all those stupid super hero movies


That leaves out 100% of all movies. So you could have just said, "I do not watch movies at all."

Does anybody believe any of those drippy romance movie plots would ever happen?

.... Ok, maybe Ugly Truth, but none of the others.


I do not watch movies that cannot ever be real,like the 1 in question or all those stupid super hero movies

And I do not like movies that CAN be real.

I watch movies to escape reality - not be stuck in it. When I want reality I can just watch the news .... er ...No, the news is mostly fiction, but you catch my drift.