Just 5 straw bales...?


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A friend has had great success with straw bale gardening. AND...I am willing to give it a try. (Will start small) Who has the best prices for straw bales in So Md? Any farmers want to cut out the middle man & sell direct? Just want 5...


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I believe most farmers sell direct. I paid $5-6 per bale last fall for some for lawn maintenance. I thought that was high, but I was already on their farm about 1 mile in on Rt 6 on the right, headed towards LaPlata from Charlotte Hall.
There's a guy on I believe Sotterly Rd on the right as you head towards the water. He has a sign out for bales.

If it's not Sotterly, it's Clarkes Landing Rd, but I'm thinking Sotterly.


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If you can deal with loose straw, I think Dyson's lets you take all the loose straw and broken bales from their straw shed for free.


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Straw is not cheap now and it is only going up in price for the next year. Because of the wet weather last year, winter wheat acreage is down considerably, hence straw will be expensive through June of 2020. If you can get it for less than $4 per bale, load up everything you got.

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I know several people have gotten bales from the local nurseries like The Greenery in Hollywood and Wentworth's in Charlotte Hall, but have no idea how much they sell them for. :sshrug:


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Unless you are getting a trailer full $6 a bale seems to be the going rate. There are a couple Amish places in loveville


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Make sure it's good straw for straw bale gardening.

Meaning there are no "grain" heads.

Most of the straw I've seen around (like what they sometimes have at Southern States) still has the heads. If they germinate, ruins the garden.

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