Just a few of my fav's


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Taco Bell: Baja Gordita (no lettuce) The sauce is excellent and overall, has a GREAT taste. Throw in a Nachos Bell Grande and you've got a complete meal for under $5. :biggrin:

Checkers: Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken - AWESOME! Get the meal with fries, mix up some ketchup and mayo. and :yum:!

Arbys: Anything but their "Deli" sandwiches are good. Go for the seasoned curly fries. :wink:

Quiznos: Like Arby's, can't go wrong with any sandwich. They've got bottles of extra sauce on the tables in case you were hosed! :cheers:


Wendy's BLT salad with Vinigrette dressing....Having it right now. :biggrin: